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       Parquet floor was stablished in the philippines on the year 1960's by the american contractor due to commercially required. parents of Josabhi started to process a locally made assembled cutting machine and become the first group parquet supplier in the Philippines. narra and other local solid wood in all decade is the no. 1 elegant and durable flooring materials.


       Josabhi Parquet was founded on 1995, managed by the 2nd generation kin, it is continuing of handling  wood flooring business to serve the needs of the Philippine wood industry, workmanship and techniques developed and applied with integrity and long term customer relationship.


       NARRA wood is the best and great flooring material  because of it's great characteristic of the wood, It has a Self termite protection that resist over 300 years life span compared to other commercial flooring.  Narra floor rated as no. 1 durable and affordable based on wood classification of strength, shade and color  and termite protection when it comes to interior floor.

       Narra and local wood has a different sizes to choose ranging to 3/8" -2" thickness , 13/4"-12"width and 3"-10ft longer, design based on proportion sizes and pattern.

        There are two types of wooden floor; the parquet and the plank. parquet and planks used in residential/commercial, institutional bldg. for a great aesthetic view and durable purposes.

      As a local commercial wooden floor its generates jobs as well and serving the needs of the country, creating jobs for the diversity of service of the Filipino, helping people materially and spiritual way

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